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The Lamb 

Residential Project 2021

For this independent project we were all given the opportunity to design a renovation proposal for the Lamb family. Before we started, we met the family and toured their home. They communicated to us what renovations they desired and what kind of feel they wanted for each space. At the end of the semester, we then presented our projects to the family along with a panel of designers. 

This project was a great learning experience as we were able to work with real clients. Having to balance the needs of each family member while creating a harmonious space was just one obstacle that helped me, and my classmates become better designers. At this time in our schooling, we were just learning how to use Revit so most of the project was designed with Photoshop and Sketchup. 

A Closer Look

The Great Room

new great room.jpg
Screenshot 2022-04-06 120506.png

The Kitchen

kitchen vignette.jpg

The Primary Bathroom

The Basement

theatre room  elevation.jpg
basement 3d model realistic.jpg
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