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Jekyll Island's
Moss Cottage

Historical Preservation 
Independant Study 

For this historical preservation project my partner (Abby Bryant) and I, were to present a redesign proposal of Moss Cottage to a board of stakeholders. We focused on the interior of the cottage and proposed elements such as different furniture, wall finishes, lighting, and other decor items, all of which stayed true to the era of which the home was built. To really understand what pieces we needed in the space, we dove deep on its history and of its occupants throughout the years. We also researched what upper class homes looked like within the late 1800s and found popular materials and colors that we implemented throughout our design. 

Within the project, I focused on producing the renderings on Sketch-up, the programming document, and the schedules. On the other hand, my partner focused on producing the boards, the floor plan, and the timeline. We both worked on the designing, the power-point, and gathering information together.  

FINAL Posters Team 2-4.jpg
FINAL Posters Team 2-3.jpg
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